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What’s the difference between messenger marketing and chatbot marketing?

You may have heard of the terms messenger marketing or chatbot marketing and wondered what the difference is. Messenger marketing and chatbot marketing are both used to describe the latest wave of digital marketing tactics using chatbots on messaging apps. It can also refer to chatbots used specifically in Facebook Messenger.

Brands may choose to build their chatbot in a variety of different platforms, including dedicated bot platforms that can be integrated into websites. Some of the biggest messaging apps (e.g. WhatsApp, iMessage) are looking into integrating chatbots. Right now, Facebook Messenger is the biggest app platform where messenger marketing is thriving. There are currently 300,000 bots on Facebook Messenger and that number is growing every day.

Messenger marketing on Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger marketing is a natural place to begin your messenger marketing journey. Facebook pages are easy places to foster community and 89% of consumers expect businesses to be reachable through messaging. Messenger marketing can be integrated into your overall marketing structure to provide a more holistic user experience and generate leads, especially if you have a Facebook strategy.

There are also 1.3 billion users on Facebook Messenger and 77% of these users leave their notifications on. Combined with the statistic that the majority of smartphone users download on average zero apps per month, it makes sense to meet your customers where they already are, rather than having them download a new app, click through landing page, or read a blog post.


Why use messenger marketing and chatbots?

Email marketing is a thing of the past, with 69% of consumers prefer using Chatbots to now receive updates and communicate with their favourite brands, with a higher open rate compared to emails. Marketing tactics and customer service are changing and Facebook Messenger chatbots are now key for businesses to achieve their digital marketing objectives, such as lower CPM, higher clickthrough rates, and low cost per click.

Messenger marketing offer a number of beneficial outcomes for your business such as:

  • 53% of buyers are more likely to convert from a business they can send messages to.
  • Quality integration of conversational marketing and messenger marketing can result in 182% more qualified leads.
  • If website visitors can live chat to a business first, 82% are more likely to become customers.
  • Chatbots are expected to cut business costs by $8 billion by 2020.
  • 82% of consumers deem an “immediate response” as a high priority when they have marketing or sales questions
  • 90% highly value an “immediate response” when they have a customer support query
Open up a dialogue with the millions of users on messaging apps.