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Chatbot Case Studies

We've built chatbots to solve our client's problems and exceed KPIs.


Using a Chatbot for Lead Generation

Our client had a new product to introduce to the market. Existing content was suffering from low engagement – no one had the patience to scroll through the website or watch a whole video. However, explaining the product through a conversation was easy, and engaging.

Our integrated paid social campaign asked users if they wanted to know more. The engaged users were sent to the chatbot flow to learn more about the product, and ask the chatbot questions about product features that interested them. At every point in the conversation, the user was given the opportunity to provide their contact details to the chatbot. When the details were received by the bot in Facebook Messenger, they were automatically sent to the client’s CRM, allowing their appointment setting team to follow up.

The chatbot campaign resulted in an 80% lower cost per lead than standard social campaigns, with a 3x Return on Ad Spend.

Using a Chatbot for Sales

Our client is an established fashion brand, looking to expand sales in the youth market. We used a chatbot to achieve this. Research shows younger consumers prefer messaging to email and traditional social media platforms, and our chatbot speaks to them where they are.

Our integrated paid social campaign was targeted at young women, and led them to our chatbot. Our bot then asked users questions about their personal style, and delivered tailored product offerings, complete with high end editorial photography. A premium, personalised shopping experience delivered through a Facebook Messenger chatbot.

As a premium brand, it’s important to keep all of our communications in line with brand tone. Our Sydney based chatbot team were responsible for all conversational copywriting, resulting in a chatbot that spoke authentically, and communicated brand values.


A Chatbot to Deliver Content

One of our B2B clients provides highly specialised services across Australia, New Zealand and Asia. They are market leaders known for innovation, and they regularly publish content to inform and educate the industry. Given their small customer base and the seasonal nature of their work, continuous engagement is important.

The client had noticed a decline in engagement in their email campaigns, and turned to chatbots as an email alternative. We built a rich media chatbot that could deliver information through videos, gifs, images and text. This allowed us to show users highly engaging and informative content as soon as they opened the message, without relying on a clickbait email subject line.

The chatbot received a 30% lower cost per landing page view than standard campaigns, a 60% lower cost per lead compared to email lead acquisition campaigns, and a 10% cheaper CPM than traditional traffic campaigns.

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