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Chatbot Team

Our team is dedicated to building chatbots that work for our clients.


Vincent Maneno

Chatbot Sydney Director

Vincent has worked in digital marketing for 10 years, and has an entrepreneurial streak. He’s run a tea company, built a machinery sales platform, and started three specialist digital agencies. Chatbot Sydney is his latest foray into a new technology.


Hum Mahbub

Chatbot Sydney Strategist

Hum has 7 years experience in integrated creative agencies and now creates chatbot strategies for Chatbot Sydney’s clients. Our clients can be sure that their chatbots fit their marketing objectives, and are cost effective. Her dedication to finding new and experimental chatbot strategy has led her clients to overachieve their sales and customer engagement goals.


Joey Ng

Chatbot Sydney Build Specialist

Johanna is an expert at building and implementing Facebook Messenger chatbots. She has experimented with multiple chatbot methods to increase client brand potential. She believes that conversational chatbot design is the key to unlocking a brand’s exceptional digital customer experience.


Katie Miller

Chatbot Sydney Senior Social Specialist

Katie is a Chatbot Sydney’s Senior Social Specialist. Katie has worked in New York and Sydney in PR, fashion and media and brings this international experience to Chatbot Sydney. Her knowledge across all social media channels means successful chatbot campaigns no matter where our clients’ audiences are.

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